Feria en Línea de Exportación de ZheJiang 2020

- [09.12.2020]
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As a free market economy, Mexico ranks fourth in the Americas and 13th in the world. It has signed free trade agreements with 45 countries. After the establishment of NAFTA in 1994, the trade and investment between Mexico and the United States increased rapidly, which greatly promoted economic development and national income.
According to the data of 2018 global e-commerce Blue Book v3.1, consumers in emerging markets have higher awareness of Chinese consumer goods brands than developed countries in mature markets, and Mexico countries have as much as 100% recognition. Consumer electronics, beauty and personal care, household goods, baby toys and other categories are very popular in Mexico. In 2019, Mexico imported US $83.5 billion from China, an increase of 12.6%, accounting for 18.0% of its total imports. From 2016 to 2020, the consumption of electronic products in Mexico increased by 5.9% annually, reaching 104.152 billion US dollars in 2020. Mexico has a large demand for small goods and consumer electronics, and the demand is on the rise.
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